Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Something Worth Remembering

I have been back in the USA for 15 months and I'm happy in many ways to be here, but still adjusting to many things. As I read the press reports about the "failures" of the early days of registering for insurance under Obamacare, I think about how good it was to live in a place that assumed that all citizens have the RIGHT to health care, and how hard it was to explain that many Americans didn't believe that. I remember how difficult it still is for me to understand how we allow such easy access to guns.

And now I have a speech out of Texas that is worth remembering and replaying. I thought this was not only fully unexpected, but a wonderful statement of the sort to be proud of. So though it has nothing to do with the central theme of the explicit subject matter of this blog, I am posting it for its decency and humanity.

Thank you Dale Hansen for giving me something to feel good about as I turn off the news at 11 PM:



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